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About Us

Tugba Kucuk

Experienced Human Resources Specialist

Tugba Kucuk is experienced in the field of Human Resources specialist. Having achieved significant achievements in Human Resources in Turkey with his years of experience, Kucuk is now happy to share his talents to help both individuals and businesses develop and grow in the UK. She is extremely knowledgeable about the basic functions of human resources management.

  • Recruitment and Placement
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employment Law
  • Orientation and Integration
  • Performance Management
  • Career Management
  • Education and Development Management

Tugba, which can plan and organize in line with the goals of companies and individuals, analyzes to increase efficiency and organizes the plan and program, at the same time, it better understands its business and difficulties from a strategic point of view, draws a roadmap accordingly, and organizes HR plans in accordance with the current and future goals of its customers.

She is a Human Resources professional who always knows the importance of being discreet and accommodating for her clients. She it knows the importance of being objective and fair to everyone, being determined and not giving up easily in the face of difficulties, and is proud to be with you with her services that will make a difference for each individual and business.


We provide the necessary support in line with the needs of our customers in human resources management in order to fulfill the human resources functions demanded by the increasing competition conditions and the speed of change, we provide our customers with a competitive advantage in their sectors and careers, and add value to their businesses and themselves.

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Comments of our valued customers

We would like to thank all our customers who have added value to their value with the services they have preferred; we wish them success in their life and career journeys.

It was a great chance for me to work with TKY Consultancy. I was extremely satisfied with the Human Resources services I received from her. The working style, the steps followed and the feedback are at an incredibly high level. Thank you so much.

Huseyin Yakar


I realized my shortcomings in my resume, eached the resume I wanted with our detailed, meticulous work together. Her suggestions and guiding are to be appreciated. It is thanks to Tuğba that I can express myself much more comfortably, clearly with the interview simulation.

Elvan Bahar Benli

I would not have been able to come up with such a CV and preliminary article without your support. I was constantly thinking about how I could follow a path in my job search and increase my visibility by companies. You have been the answer to my questions.

Yusuf Saskin

We know where to start. Let’s help you to meet the best opportunities. Contact Us